Life is a highway? More like mowing a lawn.

I love being able to devote long blocks of time to one thing. Interruptions really throw me. So the idea that “life is a highway” sounds great — cruise control, no turns, put it in high gear and leave it there, and make lots of progress really fast.

Unfortunately, real life is more like mowing my lawn. I might get 100 feet of straightaway now and then, but mostly it’s a matter of frequent turns with an inadequate turning radius, lots of noise, bumps, backing up & moving forward, and generally inconvenient monotony for long periods of time.


What about a trucker who sees nothing but mile after mile of asphalt, stretching as far as the eye can see? I’m sure the thought of just mowing his lawn must sound delightful. What about the guy who just bought a sports coupe and finds himself getting bored with seeing how fast it can go? Taking some corners with a finely engineered suspension would probably sound really attractive.

We’re designed to be good at lots of things, not great at just one thing.

Where’s all this coming from? I got to thinking about this blog… should I just focus on programming? Or religion? Or maybe entertainment… or science geek stuff. But the thing is, I’m about all that stuff. The way I write software is informed by the way I think through my faith, and vice-versa. The things I find entertaining are often scientific, and I’m often entertained by learning about science and technology. It’s all about being an authentic, well-integrated person.

What’s more, you never know how worlds will collide. It’s perhaps odd that I, an evangelical Christian, get such a kick out of so much stuff that’s so appealing to atheists. I love reading tweets & blogs from folks like @BadAstronomer and the @MythBusters crew. Or consider this thoughtful riff from Penn Jillette:

So, without apology, this blog isn’t going to be a highway of single-subject information; it’s more like mowing the lawn of my scary little mind, weeds and all. I hope that’s more interesting and makes my little corner of the internet a little more attractive too.

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  1. Taaryn says:

    I like that you’re gonna mix it up!

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